Sunday, October 4, 2009

Laundry system

My new laundry system...that seems to be working.

My family have a lot of clothes. A LOT!! I'm ok with washing and hanging out..but I have issues with folding and putting away. It probably wouldn't be so bad, if I didn't have to rewash clean clothes all the time, because the kids pull them out of their cupboards and leave them on the floor..then when it's time to clean their room, the automatically put them straight into the then they get stink and need to be washed. Argh...see my dilema?

My solution. I brought a clothes basket for each of the family members. Now my washing gets sorted into each persons basket...then stored in the laundry..(except for mine and hubby's) shirts get hung up on hangers, but again stored in a public place but sorted into each persons clothes. So pretty much no more clothes in the kids bedrooms...and for four days now my clothes are not everywhere..and stored neatly clean.

Addictions and balance

Funny thing happened just after my second last entry. I woke up the next morning to start my usual routine, hop on the comp. while the household sleeps, have a intentions is to stay on the computer for the time it takes me to drink my coffee..but for some reasons it ends up lasting a lot longer. I really felt like I was addicted and I couldn't turn it off. Anyway, my computer wouldn't turn on, this particular day. I was upset and cranky..then my brother helped me work out what was wrong with it..and even guided me how to install the parts that I needed by myself. (over a webcam and phone...cause he lives in another state) I felt very independant and proud of myself for being able to pull a computer apart and put it back together again...I am one of those folk that don't 'get' how things work.
So after realising that it wasn't going to cost me the earth or that I hadn't lost all my photos etc..I was able to calm down. Until the part gets here, I don't have my desktop...I still have access to a lap top so I wasn't completely in withdrawel..but it just wasn't the same as sitting on my desktop. I stopped thinking about the work I have to will have to wait. Then I thought about this blog, and how I wanted to reconncet with my kids..and what better way then stopping what was keeping me apart from them.
In the past week or two my house is cleaner and more organised. Anybody could drop by at anytime of the day and I'd feel proud to have visitors. I have a new system for my laundry. Which is working. My kids have been eating fantastic meals..breakfast lunch and dinner. I've read about 3 books, I have read to my kids. I've laid down and watched my boys play x box...and I guess I've just enjoyed being a stay at home Mum. I've always taken it for granted....and abused the privledge. It's only been the past few months, as my children grow older and more independant (can u hear I have a teenager??) that I've noticed things. I don't want to live with regrets...and spending time on the computer while my kids grow up...will be a regret. Balance is what I needed.
The family have noticed the differance...and they like it.

I can't put in my little signature at the moment, because it's on my other computer.

Friday, October 2, 2009

My favourite little girl

Aaliyah let me take some really good shots today.  Usually she hides behind her hair, and won’t look at the camera.  I’m happy with these photo’s. Great work my little princess. xx 

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