Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Behaviourial issues, websites and photo's!

I'm tired of beginning every blog post with 'it's been a while since I last posted". Reminds me of confession at church. "it's been 25yrs since my last confession" haha. That would take a while to get through wouldn't it.

It seems when all is ok in Mangii's world, I'll blog. When things aren't going so great, I close down and don't blog. So yes you guessed it...things haven't been so great.

Trey who I home schooled for 10 days: went back to school. Probably a big mistake, but I was worried that he wasn't learning enough. Since he's been back at school he's been suspended a few times and had major behaviourial problems :( It's really quite stressful. I'm researching, and investigating several things that I think it could be.

My website is finished. My dream is to work from home, but I'm not having much luck. Really need to start bringing some money in soon. Add more stress.

See now you know why I haven't blogged lately. lol