Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Are they all yours

“When I grow up I’m having ten kids!” I still remember speaking those ‘famous’ words over twenty years ago.  While most kids were planning on becoming lawyers or doctors, I was dreaming about becoming a Mum.  I knew I wanted lots of children and I wanted to have them young. 

Luckily for me I met my husband early enough for both of my dreams to become reality.  Today at 31 I am a proud stay at home Mum to six fantastic kids.  My husband and I have five sons ranging in age from 13yrs down to nearly 3.  Our only daughter is 9mths old and she has bought such a gentleness and joy to our home.  Our house is chaotic, messy, noisy and always on the go.  I have become the Queen of multi tasking, but I believe every Mum is.   Shopping, cooking, washing clothes are momentous events that take much planning and organisation. Although I dread when I tell the kids to clean their rooms, especially  when I  finally think I’ve caught up with all my washing and folding  then the boys clean under their beds, and I have another 3 loads to do. 

I remember one morning I had to take all the kids for an out of hour’s trip to the emergency room for a suspected broken thumb of my eldest son.   I expected being at the hospital for a while so I came prepared.  Nothing more stressful then six bored children jumping all over the waiting room or pushing the fold up chairs up and down, up and down. We had the pram, two bags one with toys and colouring in pencils and my five years old favourite colouring in ‘books’ ,note I said books the plural, we must bring all favourites.  In the other bag I had food and drinks. They had already eaten breakfast, and I knew we would be back home for morning tea, so this was just when they get starving hungry and wanted to buy everything in the vending machines.  Then I had the baby bag with all the other essentials. My sons name was called and I started organising the children to go into the triage room.  We were finding shoes, putting toys back into the bags, picking up the food that had been eaten because they were starving hungry.  Finally I was ushering the kids into the room and we all pile in.  We all settle down and find places to sit, all is going well and the nurse is looking at us with a bemused look on her face.  She finally asks “Are these all your children?” There was a part of me that wanted to ask her why anybody in their right mind would bring six children to the hospital at 7.30 in the morning if they didn’t have to, but then I looked around at the gorgeous faces of my six babies and I answer with a smile “Yes, they are all mine”

Written by Amanda Mathiot

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