Friday, January 21, 2011

Found it!

A Poem that I wrote about 6yrs ago. I'm not sure about you, but in the computer age, sometimes I lose things in my computer. The old computer that I'd written this on, has long gone and I have a new one. So I just assumed that my poem had gone to the same place my old hard drive had...the dump.

I guess a good thing about being a self confessed hoarder is, I keep things from forever. Sifting through papers the other day, looking for folders for my kids for school. I came across an email that I'd printed. As I realised what the email had on it, I am sure I heard the hallelujah music playing in the background. My Poem. I remember writing this poem. It came so easy. It just flew out of my mind into my fingers and boom there it was. I freaked myself out. lol So here it is. At least if I lose the old email, I'll have another hard copy here.

I wish I had a photo that I could post with this..but I don't have anything that I feel is suitable. I miss my camera, so maybe tomorrow I may go on a journey and take a photo to illustrate this poem.

A caged Angel
with broken wings
wonders when her life began
and when it will end. 

She prays for forgiveness
for the emotions, inside
how could such a pure heart 
have such hatred that she can't hide. 

She will live like this forever
inside the cage she built herself
to protect the others from the evil
from the hate that lives within oneself. 
The emotions boil, like a pot of water
waiting to spill over and 
scold whoever stands closest.

She sits and stares 
at the key to unlock the gate
the key to freedom, forgiveness, love
to unlock her hate.

She will never give herself
permission to be enslaved
from her own demons that dance the night away

Denying the only hope that lives inside her 
the hope that keeps her alive
she prays for freedom
she prays to fade into the night. 

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